Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to get back on the lunch wagon

Today was not a good day for eating.  Or for my budget!  I had to run out of my house this morning and did not have time to grab my lunch, or even breakfast.  Before going to the office I had to go and meet with some people.  Unfortunately, my car is snowed in and I had to take the bus, so this whole process took a lot longer than expected.  By the time my meeting was over and by the time I made it back to the office it was noon and I was STARVING!!  I had no food and even though I could have gone to Subway which is just up the road I went to Starbucks.  And what did I proceed to get?!?!  A grande skinny vanilla latte...not too bad.  A feta wrap, yogurt with berries and an oat fudge bar!  I was STUFFED by the time I finished eating it all and it cost me almost $15!

Anyway, I have vowed that tomorrow I will be more prepared with my food.  Tomorrow's plan:

2/3 cup cottage cheese (2pts)
Small Apple (1pt)
Coffee (2pts)

Grapefruit (

2 slices of homemade pizza with spinach, tomatoes and feta (... pts)
Yogurt (1pt)

Salad (0pts)
Unclear what else

Clearly I need to look up a few point values which I am too tired to do at the moment, but come tomorrow I will be on track with my tracking!  Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

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