Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Me!

I have been feeling very on track and on points this week!  Yay! weigh-in days are Thursdays, so my week has only just begun but I think I am really doing well.  Every weekend I struggle with going over my points.  And every weekend, I know I go over and I just say that I use all my 35 flex points, without adding it up as to what I have really used.  Maybe I have used all 35, or maybe I used even more!!  If I used more, then I  should during the week just eat my normal daily points and try and get more activity in.

However; this weekend though I have track EVERY SINGLE THING that has gone into my mouth.  Those 4 milk duds...tracked!  1 my journal.  10 french guessed was written down!  I will say I now don't have any flex points left but I have also not gone OVER the 35!  And I have been conscious of the food choices I made.  I was tempted to order a burger and fries for dinner tonight, but instead, knowing I had gone over my points yesterday, chose to have a chicken greek salad and had 10 of my friends fries instead to satisfy that craving!  Anyway, I am feeling proud and I know I can keep up with this all week.

In other news...I have been slacking about reading others blogs.  I find by the time I get home from work I am exhausted.  So I am going to sit down and read everyones tomorrow and start commenting.  I can't wait to learn more about all of you.  Especially those on Lynn's Team!!  


Valorie Leonard said...

Fiona! I'm so proud of you. Writing everything down is going to work for you! Keep it up!

~Tammy said...

Good for you tracking it all, even when it's not going to be pretty.

It is awesome when you have a friend you can share food with to get your fix, but not the all the damage if you were to eat the whole serving on your own.

Go Team Lynn!

Fatinah said...

Go you indeed - you're rocking the program!!! YAY TEAM LYNN!