Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I dropped one of my slices of pizza on the floor today.  I was sad.

I really need to get my after work eating under control.  I come home, have a normal size dinner and then proceed to snack.  What?  I think the rule of no eating after 7pm is going to have to begin again.

Most exciting about today was...The Biggest Loser has started again!  LOVE IT!  I was so happy.  I haven't decided who I like the best yet, however; both the orange and white teams have won my heart.  Plus, the brown and red team seem really special.  So I can't wait to see who gets to come back after 30 days!  What a twist!  It did also make me realize I need to begin my 30 Day Shred again.  Tomorrow.  I know that sounds like an excuse, but I can't tonight, it is past 11pm and I need to go to sleep.  So tomorrow...me and Jillian.  I can't wait!


Valorie Leonard said...

Go team Lynn!

Jenni said...

Go team lynn! Try chewing gum after you eat. Get a long lasting gum. Sometimes that works.

If not, if you really NEED to snack, I snack on green beans. Fresh/fozen/canned/whatever. I spinkle some lemon juice and garlic salt on them and snack on them as if they were chips (no forks). It gives me that snacking motion I seem to need.

Vanessa said...

Go Team Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to spread the love for Team Lynn/Team Lean! I can't wait to get to know you better!


Jenny from da' rock said...

I'd say it's a good idea to refrain from eating after a particular hour, like 7pm. Eating at night is when all the "bad" things come out... things you wouldn't have normally.

Go team Lynn!!
Take care,